Beach lifestyle

Adopt Sydney’s laidback lifestyle by watching the sun rise over Bondi or Manly beach. Spread a towel on the beach and enjoy a picnic lunch. Swim between the yellow and red flags and observe the rules of ocean safety. Learn to surf at an accredited surf school at Bondi, Manly or Cronulla beaches.

Discover some of Australia’s best surfing locations on the South Coast and North Coast of NSW. Rent a car in Sydney and drive to The Farm and Mystics surf breaks in Killalea State Park, south of Wollongong. Drive or take the train north to Newcastle’s Merewether Beach. Or join a surfing tour.

Bondi Beach, Sydney
Bronte beach, Sydney

Stunning beaches in Sydney and NSW

Wriggle your toes in the soft white sand. Relax in the sun after an invigorating swim in the ocean. Watch board riders and bodysurfers catch a wave. It’s all part of the beach lifestyle that makes Sydney such an enticing destination.

You’ll find plenty of things do. Enjoy seaside picnics with friends and family. Explore the coast on walking trails like the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. Spot brilliantly coloured birds and butterflies and see water dragons basking in the sun.

Australia’s beach lifestyle is about relaxation and fun. There are hundreds of beaches on NSW’s coastline, which stretches more than 2,000 km. Bondi and Manly are the most famous beaches in Sydney and good natured rivals. Palm Beach is popular with fans of Home and Away, a hit international TV series.

You’ll discover tranquil beaches all around Sydney Harbour, such as Balmoral Beach, Camp Cove and Parsley Bay.

Some of the best surfing waves are south and north of the city and it’s a popular pastime at any time of the year. The home of Australian surf culture is credited as Freshwater, on Sydney’s northern beaches, where Hawaiian surfer Duke Kahanamoku popularised surfboard riding in the summer of 1914-15.

Surfing tours depart from Sydney to world-famous surf breaks on both the South Coast and North Coast of NSW.

At sunrise, when surfers begin riding waves and joggers limber up before their morning runs, recreational fishermen cast lines from the beach edge and rock platforms. Energetic or relaxing, it’s all part of the great Aussie beach lifestyle.

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Bondi Beach

One of Australia’s best­known beaches, Bondi Beach is home to clean white sand, great surf and vibrant cafes and bars. Surfers and sunbathers share the space and there’s a children’s wading pool at the north end for families.
S​tand up paddleboarding, Shelly Beach, Manly

Manly Beach

With a tree­lined promenade and a long stretch of fine soft sand, the beach is a popular destination for backpackers and families. You’ll find plenty of beachside cafés, bars and restaurants. Manly Wharf, overlooking Sydney Harbour, has many quality restaurants.
T​wo young women and a young man learning to surf with a 'Let's Go Surfing' instructor at Bondi Beach

Sydney Surf Beaches

Catch some of the world’s best waves on Sydney beaches.​L​earn to surf at an accredited surf school on one of Sydney's favourite beaches. There are great programs at Bondi, Manly and Maroubra, where more experienced surfers can also polish their skills.
Discover world class surfing beaches on the NSW South Coast

South Coast Beaches

Discover some of NSW’s best surfing beaches on the South Coast. You’ll also find good casual dining at waterfront cafés and restaurants and plenty of exciting things to do, such as Skydive the Beach in Wollongong.​

Avoca Beach, Central Coast

Central Coast Beaches

Central Coast beaches are popular spots for numerous water­based activities such as surfing, fishing, swimming, sailing and scuba diving. There’s plenty for families to enjoy on the Central Coast’s fine sandy beaches.
Surf beach, North Coast

North Coast Beaches

On the North Coast are some of Australia’s best point breaks, hollow tubes and long rides. Surfers travel to the North Coast for waves created by ocean swells, jutting headlands and submerged reefs. Dolphins share the waves with surfers at Crescent Head.
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