Aboriginal Culture

Reserve your tickets for the two-night Ngaran Ngaran Gulaga Creation Tour near Narooma on the NSW South Coast. Drive from Sydney to Narooma in less than five hours or fly from Sydney to Moruya and rent a car for a shorter drive to Narooma.

Explore Port Stephens on the North Coast with Sand Dunes Adventures. Travel by train and bus to Brewarrina, in far northwest NSW, where you’ll find one of the world’s oldest man-made structures: fish traps made more than 40,000 years ago.

Waradah Centre, Blue Mountains
Waradah Centre, Blue Mountains

Dreamtime stories in Sydney and NSW

The ancestral stories of Aboriginal people explain their deep spiritual connection with the land, animals, sea and sky. On guided tours led by indigenous people you’ll learn of the world’s oldest continuous culture and stories of the Dreamtime.

When the First Fleet arrived in Sydney in 1788 to establish a penal colony, more than 200 distinct Aboriginal languages were spoken across Australia. In Sydney, the Tribal Warrior Cruise on Sydney Harbour explores the world of the original inhabitants of the harbour foreshore.

On the Rocks Dreaming Aboriginal Heritage Tour you’ll learn about the origin of Dreamtime stories. The Royal Botanic Garden’s Aboriginal Heritage Tour reveals how native plants are used for medicinal purposes. You’ll also get to sample some tasty bush tucker. 

The Aboriginal Blue Mountains Walkabout visits sacred sites in the mountains, a World Heritage area near Sydney’s west. Or combine the thrill of riding a quad bike with learning about Aboriginal culture and heritage with Sand Dune Adventures at Port Stephens, a 2 h 30 min drive north of Sydney.