New Years Eve

There's no better place to welcome the new year than in Sydney... the New Year's Eve Capital of the World. Visit the official website to stay up to date with the latest details.

Fireworks, Sydney
New Year's Eve Fireworks, Sydney Harbour

New Year’s Eve fireworks

Be one of the first in the world to welcome the new year as Sydney dazzles you with its spectacular 9pm and midnight fireworks displays.

You’ll be able to attend a vantage point near the harbour this year, but some things will be different.

The City of Sydney manages six locations around the harbour:

Visit the vantage point map for more information on all vantage point locations around the harbour.

See the full program for the evening here.



New Year's Eve in Sydney FAQs

Will the vantage points operate differently to previous years?

It’s likely that opening times, services available within the venue and pass-out rules at vantage points will be different this year. 

Please ensure you’re familiar with what you can and can’t do and the terms and conditions of entry for your vantage point.


Will food and drink be available at the vantage points?

There will be no food for sale at some of the vantage points.

Consider visiting a local restaurant, bar or café before attending. You can also bring your own picnic.

Please ensure you’re familiar with what you can and can’t bring into vantage points.


Do I need to be fully vaccinated to attend?

Please check the terms and conditions of entry for each vantage point.


Will there be fireworks at Darling Harbour?

There will be no fireworks at 9pm or midnight at Darling Harbour. Harbour cruises, restaurants and bars in the area will offer vantage points of the main displays.


How can I watch the fireworks from home?

If you plan to party at home, you can See Sydney Shine on TV or online.

ABC will broadcast live from Sydney Harbour at 8.30pm.

The 9pm and midnight fireworks will be live-streamed on this website and ABC iview.